Dr. Bill Tewson

Dr. Tewson has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician in the Fairbanks area for over 35 years. In addition to his practice, he has also enjoyed raising a family and being part of our community.

Dr. Tewson was raised in California and attended California State University at Hayward. He then attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Tewson is certified in FDM (Fascial Distortion Model), which is fully implemented into his practice.

Before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Tewson traveled throughout the United States and various countries as a keyboard player for several different musical groups. Over the years, he has continued to play at different functions in the Fairbanks area and elsewhere. When not at the clinic, he enjoys spending time with family as well as enjoying the outdoors.

Dr. Leon J. Fazzio III

Dr. Fazzio is a second-generation chiropractor and his brother is a chiropractor. His pre-chiropractic studies began at Southwest Texas State University. Following his undergraduate studies, Dr. Fazzio enrolled at Texas Chiropractic College in 1991. His studies included; Neuroanatomy, Radiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition and many other subjects. After graduating in 1994, Dr. Fazzio practiced in Houston Texas for twenty years. In September 2014 he began practicing in Fairbanks Alaska.

Dr. Fazzio utilizes diversified and activator techniques to assist his patients with achieving their health and lifestyle goals. Dr. Fazzio also uses myofascial release techniques to reduce muscle spasms and increase blood flow to hypoxic muscles. His professional experiences are helpful in designing active rehabilitation programs for patients to regain strength and balance for core and postural musculature. He has extensive knowledge of current chiropractic research and the numerous benefits for many spinal issues and health issues.

Dr. Fazzio loves to spend time playing golf, traveling, hunting and fishing. He continually strives to provide the highest quality care to all his patients and improve their quality of life.

Our Staff

We are fortunate to have a wonderful staff who is dedicated to making you feel welcome and at ease when you visit our clinic.